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Packages that use SystemInfo
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j Package containing all the useful classes to integrate snmpAdaptor4j into a application. 
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core Package containing entry point classes for access to MBean attributes and for SNMP traps sending. 
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core.trap Package containing all classes used to build SNMP traps from JMX notifications and to send them to all SNMP managers. 

Uses of SystemInfo in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j

Methods in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j that return SystemInfo
 SystemInfo SnmpAdaptor.getSystemInfo()
          Returns the informations on the system.

Constructors in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j with parameters of type SystemInfo
SnmpAdaptor(SnmpConfiguration configuration, SnmpAppContext appContext, SystemInfo systemInfo, boolean classLoaderScope)
          Constructor with all parameters.
SnmpAdaptor(URL url, SystemInfo systemInfo, boolean classLoaderScope)
          Constructor with an URL to SNMP configuration file (XML) and a SystemInfo.

Uses of SystemInfo in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core

Constructors in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core with parameters of type SystemInfo
JmxNotificationManager(SnmpManagers managers, SystemInfo systemInfo)
SystemSnmpMib(SnmpAppContext mainAppContext, Map<ClassLoader,SnmpAppContext> appContextMap, SystemInfo systemInfo)
SystemSnmpMib(SystemInfo systemInfo)
          Constructor (only used by tests).

Uses of SystemInfo in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core.trap

Constructors in net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core.trap with parameters of type SystemInfo
SnmpTrapBuilder(Map<String,SnmpTrapMapping> mappingMap, SystemInfo systemInfo)

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