snmpAdaptor4j-jmx 1.1 API

net.sf.snmpadaptor4j Package containing all the useful classes to integrate snmpAdaptor4j into a application.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.api Package contains all classes and interfaces manipulated by classes as facade with SNMP APIs.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.api.opennms Package containing all classes as facade with SNMP APIs.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.config Package containing all classes providing the configuration loading of SNMP adaptor from an XML file.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core Package containing entry point classes for access to MBean attributes and for SNMP traps sending.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core.accessor Package containing all classes used to access attributes of MBeans or other.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core.mapping Package containing all classes for the mapping loading for each MBean.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.core.trap Package containing all classes used to build SNMP traps from JMX notifications and to send them to all SNMP managers.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.mbean Package containing all MBeans.
net.sf.snmpadaptor4j.object Package containing all simple objects having no treatment.


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